Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some Streetside Dreck

This is from the Congress of New Urbanism. We have similar signage in Hartford with an adult's impression of a "cool" looking youth saying "be cool, stay in school." Kids are not so stupid. Anyways, it seems that people think we need to light everything up like Las Vegas with flashy garbage like this.

Here is what John Norquist has to say:

"Detroit elementary school sign. In a city and school district strapped for cash they invest $$ in suburban signage. These signs
are all over and spreading. I suppose the signs are intended to overcome the doubts parents have about schools. Remember how banners were intended to add character to struggling main streets? The banner sales force hit every old burg with an inferiority complex and made a bundle. Now the back-lit sign salesmen have hit up every school district in America; probably even your town."

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