Saturday, March 10, 2007

Thrift Store Adventures

I need to devote a post to a great blog I stumbled on: Thrift Store Adventures. I love thrift store shopping and have been at it forever. I always loved the mad assortment of bizzare things one could find there. There are certain wonderful and strange things in thrift stores, things you would never buy but the owner of Thrift Store Adventures has an eye for them and very clerverly chronicles his finds blog-style. Excellent! Check out some of the things they have on there:

Head on over there, its amazing!

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eniksleestack said...

Hey, thanks for the write up! I guess we share a similar outlook on thrift stores -- or as I like to call them, the happiest messiest places on earth.

Now I feel guilty, though, that I don't update the posts often enough. I will do my level best.