Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traditional Latin Mass returns to Boston

After being booted because Holy Trinity was slated to be inexplicably closed, the old Mass is back and they will have a Midnight Mass this Christmas.

Here was the announcement:

This morning Fr. Connolly announced (to the throngs in attendance at
the 10 o'clock Mass) [NOTE: He is being ironic; seven attended the
Mass, due to the snowstorm] that after his consultations with His
Eminence, he (Fr. Connolly) has decided that the Tridentine Latin
Mass will again be celebrated weekly at Holy Trinity. He mentioned
that it remains for us to work out a schedule of clergy to enable us
to have the priests necessary to ensure proper coverage. There also
will be careful consideration as to the time the Mass will be
celebrated. The possibility of having the Latin Mass take place
before the Novus Ordo one [NOTE: 10 AM] is under active

Peter Cooper
Holy Trinity Business Manager

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