Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Taruithorn Singers

I found this randomly off of a some Russian file-sharing website. A CD of music from the Oxford Tolkien Society.

Wow, this is great, you need to download and listen to the whole thing. It is a bunch of Tolkien geeks sitting around singing songs about trolls, goblins, hobbits and the like, REALLY REALLY GREAT STUFF. 100% gegak. It has some good musicianship and some excellent playing mixed in with some use of an electronic keyboard. CLASSIC! I cant tell you, this is one of my favorite all time records.

click here to download the whole blessed thing.

Look at these guys at work:

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mara'm said...

oy, you be respectful of Taruithorn m8, or we'll feed ya **** to some horny Balrogs